Terms & Conditions

  1. ‘Little Black Kat Creative’ is Katrina Potter trading as Little Black Kat Creative.

  2. ‘The Client’ or ‘The Client’s’ means a person/s or company who engages Little Black Kat Creative for design and related services.

  3. ‘Quotation’ or ‘Quotations’ means the design quotation provided to the client in writing by Little Black Kat Creative.

  4. ‘Project’ or ‘Projects’ means the scope and purpose of the client’s identified usage of the work product as described in the quotation.

  5. ‘Service’ or ‘services’ means the service/s to be provided to the client by Little Black Kat Creative, as described and otherwise further defined in the quotation.

  6. ‘Deliverables’ means the end product/s to be delivered by Little Black Kat Creative to the client, in the form and media specified in the quotation.

The terms and conditions apply to all dealings between The Client and Little Black Kat Creative. By placing an order with Little Black Kat Creative, you as a Client are forming a legally binding contract for services and you agree to the following terms & conditions.



  • All Quotations are provided by Little Black Kat Creative free of charge and are valid for 30 days. 

  • All prices are in Australian Dollars.

  • Quotations exclude GST unless stated otherwise

  • Any additional services outside the terms of the quotation will be charged at an hourly rate of $90.00 per hour including GST.

  • Quotations are based on the brief supplied by The Client.  If the Client’s brief changes significantly causing a change in Project direction, the Project will need to be re-quoted.



  • A 50% non-refundable booking deposit is required before starting any Project over $500.

  • All design Projects under $500 require to be paid in full upfront.

  • Clients residing outside of Australia are required to make payment in full prior to Project commencement.

  • Bank Deposit is my preferred payment method, but I also accept Pay Pal.

  • I charge and additional 3% fee for Pay Pal.

  • All invoice terms are 7 business days from the date of the invoice.

  • Accounts which are not paid on time will incur a late administration fee of $30 excluding GST.

  • Accounts which remain outstanding for 14 days after the date of invoice will incur an additional payment fee equivalent to 5% of the projects costs for each week payment is outstanding.

  • Payment is required in full prior to releasing high-resolution digital files and/or supplying files for offset or digital printing.

  • All work not completed within a 3 month period will be invoiced regardless.

  • Payment is required for any artwork or drafts, which have been terminated on your request at any stage of development, prior to completion. Invoice will be issued as ‘work to date’.

  • If debt collection fees, legal fees or court fees are incurred as a result of unpaid invoices, The Client is responsible for any costs incurred.



  • Little Black Kat Creative prefers to be contacted via email.  Having communication in writing helps keep track of The Project & any changes required.

  • Little Black Kat Creative is happy to discuss your project over the phone or via video chat if required. The Client is to send an email to organise an appointment time.

  • If The Client is unhappy about the progress of the project or feels that Little Black Kat Creative is not finding an appropriate angle, The Client agrees to contact Little Black Kat Creative to discuss an amicable solution.



  • On-site consultations at The Client’s premises are charged at $90.00 per hour including GST unless otherwise specified. Travel time and associated costs for on-site consultations may also be calculated as an additional cost.

  • If The Client looses or accidentally deletes any digital files supplied by Little Black Kat Creative at the completion of the Project, Little Black Kat Creative can re-upload to Drop Box, for a fee of $30 excluding GST per request. Providing the request from The Client has been made within 2 years from the date of completion.

  • If any Client artwork is required on CD, DVD or USB, an administration fee of approximately $35 plus postage and GST will be payable.



  • Delays in the proofing process, will interrupt Little Black Kat Creative’s job scheduling. The Client will notify Little Black Kat Creative of any changes or corrections to proofs supplied to them within 10 business days.  If The Client fails to contact Little Black Kat Creative within 10 business days of receiving the proof/s to advise Little Black Kat Creative of any changes, corrections or final approval, Little Black Kat Creative will consider the project finalised.  An invoice will be issued to The Client for payment of work completed.

  • The Client may cancel this Agreement for any reason by providing a minimum of 10 business days written notice to Little Black Kat Creative. In the event that ideas or designs have been submitted, refund of your deposit payment is not possible.

  • Little Black Kat Creative may cancel this Agreement at any time due to unforeseen circumstances, by providing written notice to The Client. In the event that Little Black Kat Creative cancels this Agreement, Little Black Kat Creative will provide any artwork completed and paid for to date. If no work has begun on the project, Little Black Kat Creative will refund the deposit in full.



  • All preparation materials, sketches, visuals, unused concepts including the electronic files used to create the project, remain the property of Little Black Kat Creative. 

  • The Client assumes full copywrite and reproduction rights of designs and commercial illustrations upon full payment of a completed project.  

  • Designs and illustrations can only be used for the purpose/s intended. The Client is not to make edits or changes without first consulting Little Black Kat Creative. 

  • Portrait illustrations are to be used for personal use only.

  • Copywrite of book illustration is to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Little Black Kat Creative retains personal rights to use completed projects and concept artwork for the purpose of marketing Little Black Kat Creative. This includes the Little Black Kat Creative website, portfolio and social media pages.

  • Little Black Kat Creative cannot use text, graphics, photos or designs that violate copyright. 

  • Little Black Kat Creative will assume that The Client is the copyright holder of any text, graphics, photos or designs supplied or that The Client has written permission from the copyright holder to use the supplied text, graphics, photos or designs for commercial purposes.

  • Little Black Kat Creative can source stock images for use in The Client’s project, but upon final payment, The Client will only assume copyright of the final design and not the individual images. 



  • Some projects may use stock images that are available for purchase or can be downloaded from free stock image websites.

  • Any images supplied by the Client to be used in print material, must be CMYK and high resolution (a minimum resolution of 300dpi at actual size). 

  • Little Black Kat Creative is not responsible for the reproduction quality of supplied images or for colour variations as a result of converting from RGB to process CMYK.  

  • Little Black Kat Creative does check image quality before using them in designs.



  • Final copy (text) must be proof read, checked and approved before suppling to Little Black Kat Creative to design. Changes to the copy mid project will affect the project time frame and can result in additional costs being charged to The Client.

  • Whilst all care is taken by Little Black Kat Creative to avoid errors, it is The Client’s responsibility to check for all errors and mistakes prior to approving the final designs. 

  • Written approval is to be given to Little Black Kat via email before any files are released or sent to print.

  • Little Black Kat Creative will not issue a refund or provide a reprint if mistakes are picked up after approval has been given.



  • All artwork is checked prior to it being sent to print, however Little Black Kat Creative does not take responsibility for Client supplied artwork that prints incorrectly.

  • Computer monitors display images in an RGB colour format and print is produced using a CMYK colour process, so you will see some colour variation on your printed product when comparing to your screen. Digital proofs should be used as guide only. If you are concerned about colour matching, a printed proof can be supplied at an additional cost.

  • Colour variation and trimming can vary from printer to printer.



  • If there are any specific ‘secrecy/stealth mode’ requirements surrounding The Project, the Client is to mention this before work begins. Little Black Kat Creative will be sensitive to the needs of your business.

  • If Project’s are shared on Little Black Kat Creative’s social media pages, it is usually only after it has been finalised.  If sharing midway though a Project, Little Black Kat Creative will always ask for The Client’s permission first.


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