Is Print Still Relevant?

People often ask me about the relevance of print in this "digital age". We should remember that it still plays an important role in any successful marketing plan. Believe it or not, many people still love to hold something more tangible than a digital device in their hands. They may like to read and learn about your product or service without a screen glowing in their eyes.

While I admit there are times I can't be dragged away from my computer or smart phone, I really am a sucker for all things "old school". I still prefer to read an actual magazine or a book when I'm lying in bed or relaxing. I also hate the idea of my children seeing me constantly staring at my smart phone or tablet, so I'll spend the extra money on the physical book, rather than downloading a digital copy.

Then, there are catalogues. I love them! I keep mine piled up on the edge of the kitchen bench so I can "window shop" whilst drinking my morning coffee. Yes eventually they do end up in my recycling bin, but I still read them. The feel of the glossy paper and the draw of the big colour pictures just can’t be replicated by a monitor. So when it comes to emailed catalogues and newsletters . . . unless I'm getting something for free or you have a super amazing deal for me, I just don't read them. However, if you pop an amazing direct mail piece into to my “snail” mailbox, you are far more likely to get my attention.

I'm more inclined to read a newsletter if it is handed to me on a piece of paper rather than emailed to my inbox. Which is why I've read my children's school newsletter precisely once in the past 12 months. It just doesn’t seem to have the same urgency. If my child hands me a printed note, I read it. (Several of these are also currently piled up at the end of my kitchen bench.) I'll even take your party or event more seriously if you post me a physical invitation, rather than "Facebooking" me in on an event. Heck I'll stick that piece of fancy paper on my refrigerator and forget to take it down for the next six months!

My point is that print hangs around for longer than a quick swipe left or double click. The material is real. It’s less disposable than a fleeting “I should look into that” thought which is forgotten along with the relevant details within moments. Not only that, but there are people out there who aren't very tech savvy. These people are still consumers. And although a good website is essential for most businesses these days, not everyone wants to be referred to a website to get information on your product or service. These people are better reached with a flyer.

So when it comes to nutting out your next marketing campaign, don't forget to leave room for us "old school” consumers. And when meeting with a client, why not leave them with a little bit more than just your business card? Add to that a great print design concept (which of course Little Black Kat Creative can help you with) and you are ready to 'wow' potential clients, with something a little more memorable. And of course, once they have experienced your fantastic service, you’ll be as unforgettable as that invitation stuck to the fridge!

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